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This site and its contents are copyright. No portion of it may be  reproduced without written permission.i

Please note that the project is not yet open for submissions. The rules are posted for information purposes only at this point.

Submission Rules:

1. All stories must be set on the world mandated in Eve.

2. All stories must be consistent with previous stories. All writers must have read all stories on the website and familiarize themselves with the world.

3. Each short story must contain at least one character from an existing story onsite.

4. Each short story must introduce new characters.

5. Each short story must introduce new information about the world and/or society.

6. No profanity.

7. No porn, soft or otherwise.

8. Inclusion of any story on the website is at the sole discretion of the Project Eve team.

9. There will be no payment for stories included on the website. These stories are used with your permission, as indicated by your submission to ProjecteWrite.

10.  The amount of payment for stories in the e-anthology will be dependent upon the funds available to ProjecteWrite at the time of publication and will in no case exceed $300 for a single story.

11. Submission of a story to the project assigns first e-publication rights to ProjecteWrite for a period of two years from the time of submission. ProjecteWrite reserves the right to e-publish at a later date if it is not practical to do so within the two year time limit. An author may apply to ProjecteWrite to publish their story within the two year time frame.

12. Inclusion of any story in the E-anthology is at the sole discretion of the ProjecteWrite team. Inclusion on the website does not guarantee publication in the anthology.

13. Submissions must be no fewer than 2500 words, no more than 15,000 words.

14. All submissions must be typed in 12 point Courier New font, double spaced.

15. Submissions must be made as a Microsoft Word compatible document in an email attachment addressed to Please include your name as well as the email address at which you would like to be contacted.

16. A reading fee may be charged if sufficient funds are not raised to cover this during the fundraising campaign.

17. All submissions must be edited for grammatical and spelling errors prior to submission.

18. These rules may be amended from time to time. You are required to read the rules prior to any submission.

19. Submission of a story indicates agreement with these rules.