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Project Eve, and, ultimately, ProjecteWrite were conceived by accident. I (Dascha) had  written a short story called Eve, which I emailed to Michael to beta-read.  Intrigued, Michael  called and said he would like to know more about this world and wondered what more I knew about it. I really hadn’t explored the world in depth and told him so. That night,  however, ideas started to churn in my mind. The biggest idea was the thought that we could collaborate on building the world. When I texted Michael the next day he was excited about it. But the thoughts didn’t stop there and pretty soon I had conceived  an online collaborative project, inviting anyone and everyone to be part of the creation of Eve’s world.

We are excited about this project, but forced to move forward slowly.  Our funds are very limited and building a website is expensive. We did find a program that has allowed us to build it ourselves, but it has been slow going. We also would like to be able to offer our first project without charging reading fees. Most publications have a wide, paying readership that funds their payments to authors. Others charge reading fees from which they fund those payments. Ultimately we will probably have to do this as well. But we would like to start out with the ability to allow potential contributors to the site to submit their works without having to pay us a reading fee. To that end we have started an Indiegogo campaign. All monies raised in this campaign will go towards the costs of running the site and paying our authors.

Our ability to offer Project Eve without cost is completely dependent upon your goodwill. If we don’t have sufficient funds to pay the authors whose work is chosen for the e-anthology, we will be forced to charge a reading fee, the amount of which will depend upon how much we have been able to raise.

Check out our Contributions page, and, if you feel that ProjecteWrite is a worthwhile venture, please consider supporting us.

And finally,  if you find errors or dead links on this site, please bring it to our attention by emailing us at Mail: We are writers, not professional website builders, so please be patient and kind.

Who Are We?

ProjecteWrite is the creation of Dascha Paylor, a writer, Vice President of Child’s Play Theatre, and part time physician working in London, Ontario and Michael Paylor, Executive Director of Child’s Play Theatre, and owner and Artistic Director of Noisy Mime Theatre Company in Duncan, B.C.