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If you love science fiction and fantasy; if you write science fiction or fantasy, or want to, ProjecteWrite may be the ideal place for you to be. A unique, new  venture in online collaborative story telling and world building, our aim is to provide a forum in which writers can stretch their wings and learn to fly. The concept is simple. In a series of projects, a single, seed story will be presented. Authors will be invited to write stories in the world of this story, following guidelines outlined on this site. Stories that are considered suitable will be displayed on the site, with their authors’ permission. There will be a series of calls sent out for submissions. With each call there will be more stories on site which potential contributors will have to read in order to make their stories consistent with what has already been written. Ultimately an e-anthology will be published for each project, with an honorarium provided for each story used.

Project Eve will be our first venture. The seed story is already written and ready to go. We are very excited about this and look forward to seeing what wonderful new things we can learn about the world in which it is set. All we need is you!

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